This is How WE Roll

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Looking at the above picture you are probably thinking of the classic gooey cinnamon roll that is filled with a sweet brown sugar, buttery, cinnamon filling and topped with a vanilla glaze that melts into the soft yet crisp biscuit like dough. However what you don’t know is that this is not your normal cinnamon roll… it’s an Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll!

Cinnamon rolls and sticky buns have been gracing bakery shelves for years. Almost every local coffee shop has their own version and gluten-free options have even become available. The only thing is that these cinnamon rolls are all basically the same in their flavor profile, sweet and cinnamony (and yes I know that is not word but there was no other way to put it). Anyway where I am going with this…while over at Joanna Thompson’s (fellow 10k teammate and foodie) we someone how got to talking about my cookie dough cinnamon rolls and her salted caramel version and the conversation took a turn. We went into our own little world and began listing off all of the different “cinnamon” rolls we could make. Including this version:

Caramelized Onion Rolls

Caramelized Onion “Cinnamon” Rolls with Honeyed Goat Cheese “Frosting.” Savory and delicious and completely unexpected. When I bit into this thing I almost died. I could barely stop eating long enough to take this picture. Joanna and I crafted these nuggets as a side to our kale & quinoa stuffed mushrooms and then accompanied this meal with another “cinnamon” roll for dessert. Are you ready for this…

PB&J Rolls

PB&J Rolls. These were filled with Joanna’s Almond Raspberry Jam and topped with a frosting made of powdered peanut butter, powdered sugar, vanilla & almond milk. I was too full to eat one these little guys after dinner so I saved it for breakfast. This roll in combination with my cup of cocoa coffee from Trader Joes was definitely the perfect breakfast! Think these rolls sound/look good well just wait there are plenty more to come!



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